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    Rayalaseema Food and Dance Festival

    The Rayalaseema food and dance Festival is held in the state of Andhra Pradesh every year in the month of October. It is one of the biggest and most widely celebrated cultural festivals of Andhra Pradesh.

    As the name suggests the main aim of the festival is to honor and celebrate the flourishing and exquisite art and cuisine of Rayalaseema area of Tirupati in the Chitoor District of Andhra Pradesh.

    The culture and traditions of the state of Andhra Pradesh are about 400 years old. The Festival gives an opportunity and platform for the ages old art and cuisine to be presented and celebrated in a grand manner. There are also programs of the traditional dances of Andhra Pradesh during the Rayalaseema food and dance festival.

    The festival provides an exemplary platform for artists and food junctures across India to come and showcase their art form. Over the years thousands of Tourists, artists from different parts of the country and food outlets specializing in any particular cuisine gather here during the festival and offer a wide range of delicacies and entertainment to visitors.

    Time of Celebration:

    The Rayalaseema food and dance Festival is celebrated every year in Andhra Pradesh. It is organized by the state authorities in the month of October.

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